No Strings Attached

No one should feel trapped when they sign a service agreement. If you feel at anytime that Watchdog Security is not fulfilling its contractual obligation, you have the right to cancel our services at any time if we are unable to cure said problem within 10 working days. Furthermore, new clients can cancel our services at anytime during the first two weeks, without penalty. We're committed to earning your trust!


No Hidden Fees

Unlike most of our competitors, our rates do not fluctuate due to holidays or overtime. Our pricing plans always remain consistent and competitive for the level of services we provide.


No Annual Rate Increases

As long as you remain a client of Watchdog Security, we guarantee our rates for the life of your contract. You’ll never have to worry about annual increases.


Multi-Property Discounts

Watchdog Security is always looking to be competitive in its pricing. If you own or manage multiple properties, contact us for more details!


Outstanding 24/7 Customer Service

We don't believe in after hour answering services. We're a business that's open around the clock. You can always reach a high-ranking officer within our company (if not one of the owners), by calling our main line and choosing Option 2 to speak to an On-Duty Supervisor.


We Always Represent Your Best Interests

Most of what a security officer does in his or her job is customer service. Whether it's as on-site concierge or dealing with an elevated security matter, such as an aggressive individual, effective communication will prevail more often than not.Our officers are highly-trained, and most importantly, highly-motivated. Our positive work environment is why some of the best and brightest in our industry work for Watchdog.


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